2018 Color Trends Make a Bold Entrance

2018 Color Trends Make a Bold Entrance 7

2018 Color Trends Make a Bold Entrance 8Anyone with a designer’s heart understands the importance of color in creating a space wherein people live and work. A central component of working with clients is learning to translate their color language and incorporate their personalities into their spaces. Like materials and architectural design, color preferences change over time, carried by culture and creative evolution. Staying abreast of color trends is critical to being in-the-know in the design world. The 2018 trends in color were recently announced, and each one makes a powerful statement about modern desires and lifestyles.

2018 Color Trends Make a Bold Entrance 9Sherwin Williams has named Oceanside their color of the year for 2018. Its nautical presence invokes feelings of world exploration and fluidity that can be either calming or adventurous, or perhaps simultaneously both. Described as “a collision of rich blue with jewel-toned green,” Oceanside is “both accessible and elusive.” Blue has long been a popular favorite, and this interesting hybrid with a hint of green makes Oceanside easily blended with near endless hues in the designer’s color palette. Pronounced “the color of wanderlust” by People Magazine’s Home and Travel section, oceanside is the place to be in 2018.

Benjamin Moore also has chosen an outspoken color for 2018, although its energy, reflected in its name, is fiery hot instead of moody blue. Caliente is their spicy choice, and this radiant red revs up any room. Unapologetically bold, this vibrant hue stirs up emotion and blends beautifully with various shades of brown, gray, white, and pink. Exuding both confidence and passion, Caliente is the warm comfort of present day and the alluring possibilities of the future. Ellen O’Neill of Benjamin Moore & Co. describes Caliente as “the signature color of a modern architectural masterpiece; a lush carpet rolled out for a grand arrival; the assured backdrop for a book-lined library; a powerful first impression on a glossy front door.” She adds that “the eye can’t help but follow its bold strokes” with a desire to “harness the vitality.”

Behr’s choice for 2018’s color of the year is decidedly subtler, but nonetheless powerful. The essence of In the Moment is cool tranquility that “evokes a sense of sanctuary” in a culture addicted to busyness. In the Moment invites a space’s dweller to be present in his life and peel away the layers of stress piled on by the outside world of work and obligations. Behr has presented a palette for the upcoming year that encourages mindfulness. Inspired by nature, Behr’s current favorites are those that drench a space and its inhabitants in serenity, renewal, and harmony. Calmer than

2018 Color Trends Make a Bold Entrance 10Caliente, and more muted than Oceanside, In the Moment still stirs a depth of emotion comparable to both and invites clients to feel at home both physically and spiritually. It’s no accident that two of this year’s three top color picks are bold, and Caliente brazenly so. Design in recent years has trended to softer, more practical colors. Designer/entrepreneur Mitchell Gold has noted, however, that “…the zeitgeist of the times [has] called for more color” and that people are “looking for reasons to be happy.” Caliente and Oceanside are at the high end of the boldness continuum and thus fit this need for intense expression. As far as the subtler, muted tones of recent years—they will never lose their appeal and still play a critical role in providing a foundation of hues from which these bolder colors can speak. Gold, and others like him, suggest that a backdrop of soft colors punctuated with intense reds, blues, and yellows, expresses an optimism and yearning for joy that the modern world seeks.

Color knowledge is crucial to staying relevant in today’s design market. As an element that keeps spaces dynamic and alive, staying atop current color trends can equip you to add freshness to the look of your clients’ spaces. Element Designs understands these trends and gives you the ability to incorporate current culture desires into residential and commercial interiors. Element Designs’ backpainted glass is an ideal way to integrate color trends with their custom color matching service and multitude of standard and non-standard colors. Their custom made-to-order backpainted glass products include cabinet doors, sliding doors, table tops, shelving, backsplashes, glass markerboards and more. To find out more, visit them online today!

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