Discerning consumers love premium design choices – but today, luxury isn’t all they are interested in. Customers increasingly demand high-end products incorporating sustainable materials. Sustainability is not a fad or a label to plaster on a product, but a key element of 21st century luxury design.

To earn the “green” label, materials and products should have a low impact on the environment.[1] Glass and aluminum fit this definition perfectly. Glass is 100% recyclable, and can be repurposed without sacrificing quality or purity. Aluminum’s sustainable nature and excellent extrusion characteristics make it an ideal green building material.glass

Conscientious consumers want fine products with a low environmental footprint. Aluminum can be recycled endlessly without degrading its physical properties. In fact, of the over one billion tons of aluminum produced since 1888, 75% is still in use. About 35% of worldwide aluminum production involves recycling, but the recycling process uses just 5% of the energy needed for primary aluminum production. Substituting aluminum for heavier materials has additional environmental benefits, such as reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Glass is another sustainable material that is 100% recyclable, reusable, and refillable. It’s safe and inert, and can be made from abundant materials, such as sand and recycled glass waste. aluminumBest of all, it’s beautiful. Low-iron, ultra-clear glass can be made even more beautiful using backpainted, water-based coatings. This process produces glass in custom colors to meet nearly any design challenge or luxury room aesthetic.

Creating beautiful designs using materials such as aluminum and glass is just one building block of running a sustainable organization. To demonstrate its continued commitment to sustainability, Element Designs is also taking the following actions:

  • Recycled Content – All our glass inserts contain at least 20% post-industrial recycled content, and our architectural resin uses a high percentage of post-industrial material.
  • Aluminum Products – Our aluminum products are durable, virtually maintenance free, and manufactured with materials from regional suppliers, reducing our carbon footprint.
  • No VOCs – Our backpainted glass operation uses environmentally safe water based paint. No chemicals or toxins are released from our products, so there is zero effect on indoor air quality.
  • Post-Industrial Waste Recycling – All of the waste generated during our aluminum and glass manufacturing operations is recycled.
  • Recyclability and Reusability – Our aluminum and glass materials are completely recyclable. Our aluminum doors can be reused by simply replacing components.
  • Reclamation – Customers can send their door products back to us to be completely recycled once their useful life expires.
  • Packaging Materials – Our corrugated edge wrapping is made of 100% recycled cardboard and our corrugated boxes have a high recycled content.
  • Company Recycling – We recycle all cans, glass and plastic bottles, office paper, paper products, and cardboard at our manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC, and are proud to sponsor a recycling center for our industrial park.

According to the National Research Council, the concerns of U.S. citizens and other stakeholders have driven sustainability efforts. Sustainability practitioners are sharing best practices to ensure the greatest environmental, economic, and social impact. Element Designs is committed to sustainability practices through the use of beautiful green materials in its designs – materials like aluminum and glass.

To learn more about Element Designs and its commitment to sustainability, visit element-designs.com/sustainability today.

[1] Aluminum Extruders Council

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