A Bespoke Contemporary Design Solution: Aluminum Frame Base Systems

A Bespoke Contemporary Design Solution: Aluminum Frame Base Systems 1

There has been tremendous growth in North America for the Contemporary and Modern Design of commercial and residential cabinetry and furniture. Consumers have embraced the clean silhouettes and eye-catching surfaces associated with these styles. These designs eschew ornateness in favor of proportion, geometry, and form. Modern Design tends to favor straight lines, neutral colors, and strict guidelines, while Contemporary Design is brighter, with curved edges, and less formal distinctions. Even though the two do have their differences, both styles are a mix of bold aesthetic and careful refinement.

Within these trends, it is becoming popular to choose sofas, cabinets, islands, carts, and other furniture options that have exposed legs, usually made from a highly reflective surface like metal or glass. Installing these pieces is often expensive and time-consuming. Many products are hard to customize, and once they are installed, next to impossible to adjust.

Interior design and furniture professionals need flexible options that bring Contemporary and Modern Design elements to their project. The answer is Aluminum Frame Base Systems. This idea was created after years of customer requests, research, and development. Aluminum Frame Base Systems are 100% customizable, come in a variety of finishes, and are quick to install.

Just ask the Holdahl Company. The Holdahl Company is a wholesale distributor for cabinet and furniture manufacturers that has been in business for over 70 years, and installing Aluminum Frame Base Systems for 15.

Sales Manager Dan DuRand points to Element Designs’ great service and ease of ordering as reasons the two companies have enjoyed such a long relationship. He says: “They offer us the best practical solutions for our customers.” Durand also notes that the Holdahl Company appreciates the quality and availability of the product, the fact that it is fully custom, and the overall durability.

Holdahl Co. has installed over 165 base systems with custom box inserts. Since these products come either fully, or partially assembled, Holdahl Co. saves hours of installation time. Each base system is custom made in the United States and comes in either 30mm or 50mm extrusions that will not warp or bend. The structural stability provided by these structures outweighs alternatives like wood, and ensures a long product service life.

These systems are created with exact specifications, meaning that casework or countertops can be ordered ahead of time and ensured to fit. They are also perfect for multifamily or commercial applications where accessible designs are a requirement for ADA compliance. Aluminum Frame Base Systems can be used as islands, carts, table bases, parsons tables, conference room tables, cabinetry supports, shelving systems and more! Whether it’s an office space, kitchen, retail, or something in between, the Aluminum Frame Base System can add an artistic twist to any room.

Don’t waste valuable resources on products with long lead times and few customization options. These products are often unassembled and may not even include casters!

All of the products manufactured at Element Designs are made in America. This allows for incredible efficiency in delivering aluminum, glass, and acrylic to residential and commercial environments. We want to make modern and contemporary design easily achieve custom precision and professional durability.

To learn more about Aluminum Frame Base Systems and our partnership with Holdahl, read our case study!


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