At Element Designs, we’re always seeking fresh inspiration and creative insights about the things consumers desire in both home improvement and commercial design products. Based in Charlotte, we proudly manufacture our goods right here in the U.S., and have emerged as an industry leader in North America.

But in order to keep our finger on the pulse of hot new trends, we maintain a global outlook and research what’s en vogue around the world. So, this past April we packed our bags and headed to the chic fashion capital Milan to attend the Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano (Milan Furniture Fair). The Salone is comprised of multiple categories, but it was the EuroCucina (Euro Kitchen) section that captivated us with four emerging trends we’re excited to share.

1. Matte and Dark Finishes


Matte and Dark Finishes, Arclinea

Matte and dark finishes on cabinets, doors, islands and appliances set off bold design and a sleek silhouette. Smooth and simple, matte brings both a modern and casual aesthetic that highlights the color and clean lines of any space. Contrary to a glossy finish, matte reflects just a hint of light and pairs well with a subtle color palette or natural wood surfaces. Darker hues of black, browns, and smoky grays deliver an understated elegance to cabinets, fixtures and countertops.

 2. Warm Metallics


Warm Metallics, Arclinea

Metallic home accents are bringing a subtle and sophisticated industrial look into the home, appearing on cabinets, doors, fixtures, shelves, pulls, and lighting. Once cold and harsh, today’s metals are warm, modern and refined, giving kitchens and other interior spaces a classic luxury look while maintaining a gorgeous minimalist aesthetic. These accents and fixtures reflect subtle, golden light and make any space warm and intriguing.

3. Glass Cabinet Doors


Glass Cabinet Doors, Abimis

Nothing says modern simplicity like glass. Today’s on-trend glass cabinet doors come in a number of varieties including crystal clear, slightly opaque, smoky, etched, grooved, mirrored, patterned, or customized. Glass doors display attractive possessions and contribute to an open, airy and modern feel in any space.

 4. LED Lighting


LED Lighting, Snaidero

Sleek and modern, LED lights can set the mood of a room. Today’s LEDs are versatile, giving consumers the ability to configure color temperature for desired warmth and level of brightness. LEDs backlight cabinets, shelves, islands, drawers and appliances to display items or create an inviting glow. Far more energy efficient than traditional incandescents and fluorescents, LEDs save home and business owners money while highlighting bold design.


It only comes around every two years, but EuroCucina was definitely worth the wait. We discovered new emerging trends sweeping through Europe we are eager to present to design aficionados here at home. Feeling inspired, we are hard at work crafting stylish products our American consumers are sure to love.

To find out what we have in store, check us out at Element-designs.com

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