Design a Delightful Outdoor Room

Design a Delightful Outdoor Room 3

We have all heard of bringing the outdoors inside, but the most recent trend is to bring the indoors outside. Rather than just having a grill on the patio or deck, more people are opting for having a full-blown cooking or living space with beverage coolers, décor, dining areas, grills, stove tops, and televisions, creating an outdoor living space for mealtime, relaxation, and entertaining. With homes spilling out onto decks, patios, gardens, and yards, we need to get our heads into this outdoor space.

Design a Delightful Outdoor Room 4

Take decks, for example. As decks become larger and luxurious it becomes easier for the indoors to migrate outdoors, blurring the lines between these spaces. With full kitchens, dining areas, and even entertainment systems spilling out onto the deck, it essentially becomes another room outside. There are even monster decks, with different themes—dining, conversation, swimming, entertainment—on different levels.

As a result, designers are thinking about how to turn terraces, backyards, and roof decks into more useful, luxurious, and more comfortable spaces. While some are bringing their entertainment systems out with them, most of the growth in luxury features are in the usual areas: cooking and dining areas, and fire and water features.

Beyond the usual gas or charcoal grills are built-in pizza ovens, stoves, and sinks so everything can now be done outdoors. And while people still want to relax in the hot tub or pool, there are now lap pools for exercise, and some people are even installing outdoor bathtubs. What could be more luxurious than taking a bath with birds singing nearby?

Further, why stay in when it’s cold? Your clients can keep warm outside with a fireplace, gas fireplace, or fire pit. And when the sun is overhead, sunbrellas keep clients cooler. Others clients may want large sliding doors that can close off the space, or open it up to the glories of nature when the weather is just right. The result is an on-demand outdoor living experience!

Designers and builders are seeing more and more clients interested in developing outdoor living spaces for mealtimes, relaxation, and entertaining. Materials for these spaces have to be both comfortable and durable. Aluminum, wicker, resin, and teak are extremely popular design elements precisely because they have these features. And there are now new fabrics available to keep outdoor furniture dry during or shortly after rain, so you can design these outdoor spaces with every feature imaginable.

If you’re looking to design a great outdoor cooking space, a great solution is PARAPAN®, a premium high-gloss, solid surface door product available in 19 vibrant colors and integrated finger pulls to create a sleek, contemporary cabinetry design with clean lines. Not only is PARAPAN® beautiful, but it is waterproof, warp proof and UV and fade resistant so that even harsh summertime conditions won’t affect the integrity of the product. This means that whites won’t yellow and colors won’t fade over time. Isn’t that an outdoor material trend worth celebrating? To learn more, visit today!

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