Discover What’s Hot in Contemporary Kitchen Design At #KBtribechat

Discover What’s Hot in Contemporary Kitchen Design At #KBtribechat 1

Each week kitchen and bath industry professionals log onto Twitter to take part in lively discussion on topics related to kitchens and bath. The KBtribechat™ allows participants to discover what’s fresh in the industry, hosted by experts. On Wednesday, June 21st from 2pm – 3pm EST, Element Designs, a leading supplier of high quality luxury products for the cabinet and furniture industry, will be hosting the conversation. This week’s topic is What’s Trending in Kitchen Design?

Kitchens are often a focal point for prospective home buyers and owners, which is why kitchens are one of the most remodeled rooms in a house. The average kitchen remodel costs $20,474, and can reach upwards of $49,000 or more for high-end projects. According to The National Kitchen and Bath Association, top kitchen expenses include cabinetry/hardware (29%), installation (17%), appliances (14%), countertops (10%) and flooring (7%).

Contemporary kitchens were once only a small percentage of what homeowners preferred, but the style has exploded in popularity and is now the second-most sought after design. Element Designs has been in the kitchen and bath space since 2003, and has witnessed first-hand the growth in demand for contemporary kitchens. During the KBtribechat, our professionals will offer participants insights and creative inspiration.

For a sneak peek into the hour-long virtual roundtable, here are a few of the questions we’ll be posing: What design elements are essential in today’s contemporary kitchen? What trends do you expect to have longevity? Is white forever? Or is gray the new white? What colors are popular? How have metals redefined kitchens this year? What are some of your favorite ways to combine materials and finishes? What is the best “on trend” kitchen you’ve seen? (Let’s see pictures!)

The kitchen serves as a hub of activity and is one of the most valuable rooms in a house. It’s what sells real estate, and makes a house feel like a home. Whether you’re in the market to buy, sell, or remodel, it’s essential to know what’s hot when it comes to the kitchen. KBtribechat is a can’t-miss event for anyone wanting to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest design trends. Chat participants include kitchen and bath designers, interior designers, contractors, architects, bloggers, brands, and other industry insiders. Element Designs is excited to host this week’s chat. You can join the conversation by following @kbtribechat on Twitter and tweeting with the hashtag #kbtribechat. We’ll see you online!


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