Element Designs and California Closets: Transforming Spaces Together

Element Designs and California Closets: Transforming Spaces Together 1

Photo credit: California Closets

Element Designs is proud to have partnered with California Closets for the last seven years. The alliance has worked so well due to the fact that California Closets’ focus on the customer is precisely in line with our core values at Element Designs. For the second time in four years, Element Designs received the Product Vendor of the Year award at the California Closets National Convention, most recently for the 2016 calendar. According to Eric Wolff, President, Retail Division, “We always know we can count on them. We’re always collaborating to find the best success for everyone. It’s really a win-win mutual approach that they take to our partnership together.”

California Closets, the industry leader in luxury space and organization solutions that helps clients transform their homes and become better versions of themselves. One way they do this is through the use of the unique product designs offered by Element Designs, such as high end cabinet fronts, sliding door systems, glass surfacing, and shelving solutions. Through a unique combination of modern design incorporating timeless materials, Element Designs has become synonymous with innovation in the kitchen & bath, commercial, and hospitality industries. And that helps California Closets create the “wow” factor that delights its customers.

California Closets works within a customer’s design and budget to create the space of their dreams. And the materials offered by Element Designs open up new possibilities. We offer custom casework components, including aluminum frame cabinet doors, sliding door systems, PARAPAN® high gloss solid surface doors, backpainted glass, and °eluma LED shelving.

California Closets also knows the importance of creating an outstanding experience for its customers. It has built a reputation by providing premium custom products together with unparalleled service. That’s why prestigious publications like the Wall Street Journal and respected designers like Emily Henderson sing their praises. “California Closets installed all of our closets and the laundry room in two days,” says Henderson. “They worked with any irregularities and really solved so many problems.” At Element Designs, we support their goal by providing California Closets with exceptional customer service, quick lead times, and first time quality results, the keys to maintaining an outstanding long-term partnership on an upwards trajectory.

Element Designs is extremely proud to be a key vendor partner with California Closets, the undisputed closet industry leader, who has taken concept and design to another level. We both believe in outstanding customer service, experience, and support. We look forward to the future of this great partnership, as we continue to transform every room from ordinary to luxury.

To learn about how Element Designs’ products can take your design to the next level, visit our website: www.element-designs.com. For more information about how California Closets can help you achieve your dream design, visit their website www.californiaclosets.com today!

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