Element Designs Brings You Glass Trends from Europe

Element Designs Brings You Glass Trends from Europe 1

At Element Designs, all of our products are made in the USA – but that doesn’t mean we can’t draw inspiration from around the world. In fact, we often look to European design trends to inspire our innovative products. This year’s surprising new trend? Glass. At this spring’s EuroCucina in Milan, our team observed several exciting glass trends taking the design world by storm.Glass Cabinets

Why glass, you ask? In our opinion, there are a number of reasons for the trend, the first being the popularity of open shelving. While many desire the clean lines and minimalism of open shelving, it can be quite high maintenance, as dust and debris easily settle. Clear glass doors offer a solution to this problem while maintaining that clean, open cabinet look. Another benefit of glass cabinet doors is the opportunity to highlight the cabinet interior. If, for instance, you choose a specialized finish, metallic hinge or a state-of-the-art servo-driven lift system – do you really want to hide it behind a solid door?

But the main reason for the focus on glass is the suitability of the material itself: glass is rare in its seamless blending of form and function. Just a sampling of the current trends – glass doors, glass shelving, semi-transparent, smoked and painted glass – demonstrates the plethora of possibilities glass provides.

One eye-catching new way to incorporate glass into a home is with metal-frame, or frameless, tall glass doors. The glass inserts range from clear, to smoked and mirrored glass options. Depending on the material selection, tall glass doors add subtle accents or dramatic style to a wide range of interiors.pic-4

A similar trend is the use of glass doors on furniture or base cabinetry, which can add an element of visual interest, especially appealing in an open kitchen. Once reserved for upper cabinets, glass doors in lower cabinets are a fresh and modern way to add interest to streamlined contemporary kitchens. For a truly cohesive look, you can complement glass doors with glass shelving, another current trend.

But the options don’t stop there – glass doors can be customized with color. Backpainted glass inserts or backpainted borders are ideal for adding a little or a lot of color to cabinetry. It’s not dark enough to hide all of your messes, but it adds a dash of mystery and can even be etched with custom designs.

An ideal design material, glass is a timeless trend that is here to stay, due not only to its adaptive and attractive qualities, but also its resilience, safety and easy maintenance.

At Element Designs, we don’t wait around for the trends to come to us. We put in the research necessary to bring the newest and most innovative products to our North American clients.

Yearning for more trends and insights? Visit us online at element-designs.com.

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