Element Designs’ KBIS 2018 Highlights

Element Designs’ KBIS 2018 Highlights 11

KBIS 2018 in Orlando was the perfect place to present new products and new technology to give designers more opportunities to integrate contemporary aluminum, glass and acrylic doors, components and surfaces to your kitchen and bath designs! The show had many highlights for the Element Designs team. We’ve rounded them up here to celebrate the inspiration we experience and bring it forward throughout the whole year:

1.  New Products

Element Designs’ KBIS 2018 Highlights 12

AF003 Brushed Black

We are introducing ten new 3form insert options for our aluminum frame cabinet and sliding door systems. The new inserts reflect current design preferences including warm metallics, neutral textiles and splashes of color. Our profile finish addition is our new brushed black finish available in our most popular AF003 profile. The elegant black metallic finish perfectly complements appliance and fixture trends.

Element Designs’ KBIS 2018 Highlights 13

AF013 Salice AIR Hinge

We are also excited to add a new AF013 profile to our Integrated Hinge Door program featuring Salice AIR hinges. The new narrow frame style is only 3/4″ (19mm) thick to keep it in line with standard industry cabinet door thicknesses. The use of the Salice AIR hinge keeps cabinet interiors free of visible hardware when the door is closed which is ideal for transparent glass applications. All of our new products will be available to purchase on March 1, 2018.

2.  New Virtual Showroom

Element Designs’ KBIS 2018 Highlights 14

Virtual Showroom

Our new Virtual Showroom is an online virtual kitchen which allows the user to select from our aluminum door, high gloss PARAPAN®, backpainted glass and aluminum frame base system options to create a look that is uniquely their own. This new feature will be available on our website on March 1st!

3.  New 2020 Catalog

Element Designs’ KBIS 2018 Highlights 15

2020 Catalog

Element Designs’ aluminum frame cabinet door catalog will be available in 2020 Design by March 1st. The catalog can be downloaded through 2020.net and a link will be also be available on our website. The catalog is currently in beta testing, and we expect it to make specifying and ordering Element Designs aluminum frame doors easier than ever!

4.  New Showroom Pedestal Display

Element Designs’ KBIS 2018 Highlights 16

Showroom Pedestal Display

Our new showroom display combines technology with beautiful handcrafted samples in a freestanding, four-sided rotating pedestal which elegantly displays 11 sample doors, 12 profile options and 28 insert options. It also includes a tablet device with a link to our new interactive virtual showroom tool. We will begin taking orders March 1st, so stay tuned for more details.

Element Designs is synonymous with innovation in the kitchen & bath, commercial, hospitality industries. We are the leading custom manufacturer of architectural casework components in North America, which include aluminum frame cabinet doors, °eluma aluminum frame LED panels, high gloss solid surface PARAPAN® doors, aluminum frame base systems and backpainted glass. To learn more about our products, please visit element-designs.com/catalog today!

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