This past August, the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta played host to the 2016 International Woodworking Fair (IWF). With over 14,000 buyers present, the 4-day event turned out to be a smashing success! More than 1,000 exhibitors vied for the attention of guests in attendance. Call us biased, but we think that Booth #3033 featuring yours truly, Element Designs, stole the show.


A Element Designs display cabinet at IWF 2016.

At Element Designs, we specialize in creating innovative products for kitchen & bath, closet, commercial, and hospitality industries. Our experience and dedication to superior quality has positioned us as North America’s leading aluminum frame glass door manufacturer. We also have a distinguished reputation for designing custom solutions to meet unique needs, and make it our mission to live up to our already high standards by pioneering new products. With no minimum order quantities and fast turnaround times, we ensure our customers enjoy a positive experience from start to finish.


At this year’s IWF we proudly unveiled our latest aluminum door style, Elusion. Aluminum door frames have grown in popularity within the industry due to their style, strength, resilience, and light weight. The Elusion frame can be customized to client’s specifications, including all functional and decorative borings. IWF attendees got to experience the Elusion first hand, and marveled at the inserts that combine transparent glass with a backpainted border, available in any standard, non-standard or custom color.


All year our company has been focused on innovation and progress. We brought along our Research & Design team to give attendees a sneak peek at some of our amazing upcoming glass and finish designs. And we eagerly listened to new ideas that will undoubtedly guide our team forward in the year to come. At Element Designs, we understand the importance of customer feedback when innovating so that we’re able to deliver products that clients most desire.


New product ideas on display at the Element Designs booth.

The fair gave us the unique opportunity to collaborate with other vendors as well, so that we can stay ahead of current trends and anticipate what’s going to be popular in the future. Staffed with 20 sales representatives and a few of our happiest clients, Booth #3033 became a popular destination for attendees seeking fresh products, ideas, contacts, and advice so they can tackle their next project.


IWF 2016 was a fun and productive event that we feel honored to have been a part of. We’re taking everything we learned and experienced, and incorporating it into creating more incredible, show-stopping products. We can’t wait for IWF 2018, where the Element Designs booth is sure to be bigger and better than ever!

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