Element Design’s Shelving Systems Featured in Green Building and Design

Element Design’s Shelving Systems Featured in Green Building and Design 1

Both homes and offices fall victim to clutter. From dishes and cookware in kitchens, to knick-knacks and electronic components in the living room, and purses, personal photos, and the occasional bobble-head in the office, these spaces are known to accumulate a mass of paraphernalia that continues to mount up with each passing day. To make matters seem worse, these spaces are becoming both smaller and more open in architecture, making areas feel even more muddled with clutter.

When square footage is at a premium, storage poses a unique challenge. Further, embracing open design with no walls or partitions to place shelving presents its own set of difficulties. Thus, finding an area to place various items without affecting the feng shui of the décor becomes a strategic undertaking.

But what if there was a logical but design-worthy way of storing all this clutter? A storage solution that was not only functional but beautiful to behold? One that adds interest without detracting from the harmony of a space? Fortunately, today, less square footage doesn’t have to mean more clutter. Enter Element Designs.

Element Designs, a leading custom manufacturer of architectural casework components in North America, innovates and designs custom, contemporary shelving systems, cabinet doors, sliding door systems and surfacing. Their products feature timeless materials including aluminum, glass and acrylic to complement residential and commercial environments both. Combining style and exceptional materials into sleek, durable, and easily installed storage solutions, Element Designs shelving systems not only pair well with other décor staples, but are available in a variety of colors and finishes, providing synchronicity in any setting. Additionally, Element Designs shelving systems look good from all angles, creating valuable storage while providing definition for different areas throughout a space. And consciously eco-friendly, Element Designs incorporates sustainability into their products, using post industrial recycled content, environmentally-safe water based paint, 100% recyclable packaging, materials sourced from regional suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint, and recyclable glass and aluminum that can be reused rather than discarded.

Learn about the “6 Benefits of Element Designs’ Sleek Aluminum Shelving Systems”, in this feature in gb&d.

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