When creating a new environment in your place of business, it’s critical to find ways to optimize and maximize your space. This requires flexibility and an evaluation of the needs of your team. Incorporating products from Element Designs can help you reach this goal.

  • Our aluminum base frame systems enhance cabinetry and furniture. And they are customizable, making spaces more functional.
  • Our aluminum frame glass cabinet doors are versatile and can be made to customer specifications, allowing the design options you seek for your work and meeting spaces.
  • Our glass markerboards can be customized with your choice of backpainted glass color. The optional magnetic surface increases functionality as well. Maps, charts, and logos can also be incorporated.
  • Our °e shelving systems are offered in a variety of colors and are compatible with any shelf material including glass, aluminum framed glass, offering excellent workplace storage solutions.
  • Glass shelving is elegant, durable, and versatile—available with optional aluminum frames. Their customizable sizes will maximize your office space.
  • Flexible °E Cubed Shelving Systems are on-trend modular shelving units, pre-assembled and easy to install. °E Cubed is available with multiple glass options as well, allowing you to maximize space and functionality.

Click on our interactive PDF to see how our products can add form and function to your conference room spaces today!