From Trend to Design Staple: Warm Metallics

From Trend to Design Staple: Warm Metallics 1

The so-called “copper moment” has evolved into something substantially more enduring than a mere moment. It’s also expanded to include more than just copper. The Age of Metallics? Let’s not get carried away. Still, clearly something is happening.

Kate Butler, design manager at Habitat, explained the fad in a recent interview with the U.K.’s Independent: “The copper trend arrived when designer Tom Dixon brought his pendants to the public consciousness as the must-have metal in your home.” As a result, Butler says that she and other leading designers are seeing “a real demand for copper products, and more understated, warming metals such as brass and rose gold across accessories, furniture, and, most notably, lighting.”

In a design piece for The Huffington Post, design guru Christie Carmelle Lopez likewise touted the growing—should we say, glowing?—appeal of metallic. “A touch of metallic adds glamour and sophistication to any space,” writes Lopez, “and creates visual interest by reflecting light around a room. Best of all, the rules for decorating with metals have drastically changed.” According to Lopez, top designers no longer frown upon the use of different metals or finishes in overlapping spaces. “Mixing metallic finishes is no longer taboo,” says Lopez, “so mix and match to your heart’s content.”

A Primer on Metal

As Lopez points out, there are still some basic rules to keep in mind. It’s wisest to mix warm tones like gold, brass, and copper with cooler tones such as silver, nickel, or chrome—and to combine them with natural fibers and even faux fur. But it’s not just different metals that go well together, but different finishes too. According to Lopez, “Combining polished metals with hammered, brushed, or matte metallic helps achieve balance and harmony within a space.”

Perhaps one of the reasons designers are so excited about metals is the great variety of moods, styles, and atmospheres they can achieve with them—from mid-century cool, for example, to Scandinavian luxe. In 2017, designers are taking the metallic craze to an entirely new level by putting the smooth, shiny substance to use in entirely new and exciting ways: walls, stairs, ceilings, joinery, and even textiles. A recent blog post for luxury design firm Boca Do Lobo highlights several such examples.

More Than a Flash in the Pan

If the opinions and forecasts of the worlds’ top designers mean anything, metals are the design world’s latest superstar. For versatility, they can’t be beat, and used creatively, they add a uniqueness and warmth to a space that few other products can match.

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