In Our Element

In Our Element 1

“Being in your Element is the point at which natural talent meets [your] personal passion.” – Sir Ken Robinson

This is such a fitting name for our new blog because at Element Designs, we’re in our element. We have a passion for bringing contemporary styled cabinetry and surfacing products to the North American market. More importantly, we have a talented team to make those products with pride, dedication and attention to detail that our customers demand. We look forward to using this platform to share company news, product information and general trends and thoughts about the industries we are involved in.

We are very excited about the upcoming launch of our brand new website which is being designed with our users in mind. Our new site will include new imagery, a fresh responsive layout and easy to find information to assist with your product search. Our goal is to inspire you with examples of projects in residential and commercial designs. You can even design your custom products in our new Customizer and share them with your client/ designer/ fabricator via email or pdf.

We have also been busy at work with our new corporate and product videos. We’re opening the doors of our manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC so that you can see exactly how much attention goes into manufacturing the best aluminum, glass and acrylic products for our customers. You will soon be able to find the videos on both Vimeo and YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Until next time!


Beata Klecha, VP – Marketing

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