KBIS – The Future is Here

KBIS – The Future is Here 5

From January 10-12, 2017, the National Kitchen and Bath Association presented the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando, Florida. KBIS allows homebuilders, kitchen and bath manufacturers, and designers to showcase their products and ideas. This year’s event provided not only a grand tour of the latest innovations in kitchen and bath construction, but also a glimpse into the design elements that will guide kitchen and bath design into the future.

KBIS – The Future is Here 6


First, here are just a few designs by customers exhibiting at the show.

Bremtown showed off a beautiful transitional kitchen featuring a variety of materials including wood cabinetry, brick walls highlighted by an exquisite glass wall cabinet featuring an oil-rubbed bronze finish aluminum frame and clear glass doors.



Elkay’s exhibit included a design combining transitional cabinetry in a rustic finish with modern backpainted glass doors which are a perfect example of how different styles and textures combine to reate a warm, aesthetically pleasing and contemporary space. The kitchen utilized technology in the form of state-of-the art Aventos servo-driven lift systems by Blum. The lift systems provide ease of accessibility to tall upper cabinets found in current kitchen designs.


Omega by MasterBrand

Fabuwood exhibited a contemporary kitchen featuring a dramatic display cabinet with stainless steel finish frames and clear glass inserts for an open feel. The kitchen island featured an aluminum frame base system which encased the finished wood drawers and emphasized the modern mix of materials.


Ovation Cabinetry

Omega by MasterBrand featured a modern kitchen design that is completely in line with current high-end European design featuring matte black finishes and a variety of textures. Aluminum frame cabinet door frames in a matte black finish encase either black matte backpainted glass or leather inserts for contrast. The dark, dramatic look carries through all of the surfaces including smoked grey glass in the shelving and hood range, thin black matte countertops and backsplashes and black matte finish base systems which form the base of an expansive yet minimal kitchen island.

Ovation Cabinetry included a design forward kitchen which included sleek bronze gloss backpainted glass doors on a wall featuring a built in oven and slab wood doors. The muted colors found in the glass and wood echo how the neutral color schemes can effectively combine modern and traditional cabinetry materials found at the show.

KBIS – The Future is Here 7

Tedd Wood Cabinetry

Tedd Wood Fine Cabinetry’s booth included a display featured clean lines and a lack of decorative hardware by using push to open mechanisms and aluminum channels in the base cabinetry for a modern feel. The upper aluminum frame cabinet doors utilized state of the art Salice Air hinges which are completely concealed in the top and bottom of the cabinet for a sleeker appearance.

Executive Cabinetry used our °eluma LED shelving in a couple of innovative displays which show how LED lighting is now at the forefront of kitchen and entertainment area design. In one instance the shelving is used in an innovative application as a cabinet base which provides accent lighting for the countertops. An elegant entertainment center utilized modern sliding hardware which exposed an area any entertainer would love including a bar outfitted with a beer tap and our eluma shelving.


Executive Cabinetry

Wellborn Cabinetry introduced their new frameless line which featured modern matte and high gloss surfaces in contrasting colors. The finishing touch in the contemporary kitchen was a tall display cabinet featuring our stainless finish doors with clear glass. They also featured a transitional kitchen with a dramtic illuminated °eluma DecoPanel used as a backsplash with a dramatic botanical print.


Wellborn Cabinetry

The Ultimate Kitchen+Bath Project drew lots of attention at the show. Designed by Lori Carroll, NKBA’s Designer of the Year, the goal was to create the ultimate kitchen and bath space using the most up-to-date products and materials from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Along with innovative colors and assertive lines, the design included backpainted glass as a backsplash in silver matte, and custom LED shelving inserts. The meticulously crafted exhibit was high tech, yet clean and utilitarian, and showed just how far one could go with high quality materials and a creative mind.

Another feature of the show that has never failed to attract crowds, was the final installment of Virginia Tech’s FutureHAUS. Dreamed up by the school’s Center for Design Research, FutureHAUS proposes that we abandon traditional homebuilding techniques for a modular “cartridge” system, where prefabricated walls, roofs, and other structural elements are manufactured in a factory and then brought to the home site. Wiring, plumbing, and other home systems would already be built into the cartridges, ready to snap into place in a “plug-and-play” system.

bremtown glass doors 1


At the show, the school unveiled the bedroom, closet and home office portions of the FutureHAUS project, which feature such innovations as an automated murphy bed, moving closet with hidden laundry feature, waking/sleeping activity monitoring and more. Some products



used in FutureHAUS include backpainted glass surfaces, aluminum frame cabinet doors with writable matte backpainted glass inserts and frame base systems, that give the interior a clean, modern feel. Only time will tell how long it takes, but judging from the response at the show, Virginia Tech’s FutureHaus is definitely on to something that will change the future of home building.

The 2017 KBIS was a definite eye-opener, and showed that those who fail to embrace technology will be left behind. We look forward to 2018 to see what’s coming next!

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