Kitchen Hardware: A Design Statement

Kitchen Hardware: A Design Statement 3

A complete overhaul of a kitchen layout or cabinetry to update the style isn’t always needed. Just changing the hardware can result in a great deal of satisfaction. A switch in hardware can alter the feel of a kitchen or bathroom cabinet entirely. The right handle or knob transforms outdated into stylish, plain into contemporary, and standard into custom!

Kitchen Hardware: A Design Statement 4

Staying Ahead of the Design Curve

It’s important know what’s hot, and what’s not when it comes to the latest design trends. Knowing what is looking outdated or tired—that’s the easy part. It’s knowing the other part that’s hard. It’s crucial to pay attention to the timeless fundamentals of design: sleek is still sleek, chic is still chic. In terms of hardware style and design, let the following be your mantra: less is more.

This means the stripped-down, flat-surface, uber-contemporary look continues to reign supreme. Sticking to sleek and classic lines it’s just savvy design strategy—and keeping a modern look in mind will ensure you’re providing your customers with the options they want, and expect you to have.

Look around and you’ll see that top design snobs tout a streamlined, minimalist presentation more passionately than ever. Think the kind of hardware that blends into the cabinet with seamless transitions and connectors—the kind of hardware that’s nearly invisible. Think push-to-open mechanisms for drawers and even doors, and various models of integrated handles that eliminate conventional pulls and knobs altogether. For the same reasons, GOLA and aluminum spacer channels are popular options, as well as behind-the-scenes hinges and hidden sliding doors.

Perhaps our lives have become so busy, so filled with distraction, that nothing comforts like a smooth line or an uncluttered surface. It’s the “hardware-free” ambience people are going for these days, simple yet functional, unadorned yet stylish; smart, and classy, in a timeless, ageless sort of way.

Hardware Options = Happy Customer

The quickest and easiest way to increase the design options available to customers is to increase the hardware options offered to them. Why? Because an exciting line of handles, knobs, hinges, and buttons will transform just a few cabinet designs—and basic designs at that—into a plethora of possibilities.

Element Designs can help you stay up-to-date with all the trends. Our company is synonymous with innovation in kitchen and bath in the residential, commercial, and hospitality industries. We are the leading custom manufacturer of architectural casework components in North America. To learn more about our functional and decorative hardware, visit today!

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