High gloss finishes are more popular than ever and with so many material choices, it can be difficult to decide which option is the best product for a project. The high gloss look can be achieved in cabinetry applications in numerous ways ranging from lacquer or applied finishes, to laminated products to the premium cell cast solid acrylic high gloss doors. There are several factors to consider when selecting a high gloss product, but it usually comes down to quality and price.

Lacquered doors are a result of hand applied finishes to wood or mdf door products. Lacquered and hand applied finishes are beautiful when applied flawlessly. However, these finishes are often marred by pin-holes, sticky finishes or runs and over time, these finishes increase the likelihood of surface damage and optical distortions, like orange peel and color dulling. These imperfections are usually unacceptable and the only sure solution is to strip the finish and reapply it—draining time, money, and patience from all involved. Because lacquered doors are essentially painted by hand in small batches, the color options are virtually endless. If custom colors are the most important factor and price and repairability isn’t as important, lacquered doors may be a good fit.

 High-gloss laminate products have improved tremendously over the past few years. New technologies use laser edge banding to create a smooth glossy finish with barely perceptible edgework. These doors are created by adhering sheets of coated papers or even thin layers of acrylic to an mdf or fiberboard core with the use of high pressure adhesives. Due to the nature of laminated doors, certain environmental conditions such as moisture, humidity and even heat may eventually cause delamination over time. If environmental factors are considered, certain types of laminated products may cause undesirable off gassing effects. These products typically need to be replaced if scratched in the field. If price is the most important factor and future repair costs aren’t an issue, then high gloss laminate products are probably the best option for you.

PARAPAN is a high gloss 18mm inch solid, homogenous cast acrylic with a mirror-like finish. It is waterproof, fully repairable and scratches can be buffed and polished away with ease. PARAPAN is UV and fade resistant, retaining its color even in prolonged direct sunlight without yellowing whites or degrading vibrancy of color. Thus, it is the perfect indoor or outdoor product. And the environmentally-friendly PARAPAN contains no harmful VOCs, formaldehyde, or plasticizers. If the premier quality of your material choice is the most important factor when deciding on a high gloss product, then PARAPAN is the product for you. While PARAPAN competes with or even beats the cost of re-finishing, repair, or replacement of lacquered doors, it is typically more expensive than laminated products as it is considered the top quality high gloss product on the market.

Evonik Industries, the cast acrylic sheet manufacturer, has been meeting and exceeding Europe’s most stringent standards for premier luxury furniture and kitchen manufacturers for nearly a decade. Because of Evonik’s well-earned reputation as a world leader in chemicals and acrylics, Element Designs is proud to be a North American fabrication partner for PARAPAN surfaced products. These exceptional products come to you stress-free, perfection, beautifully finished and ready for installation. For added convenience, our manufacturing lead time is only two weeks, and we have no minimum order quantities. Element Designs can even fabricate integrated pulls into PARAPAN doors and drawer fronts if you prefer a clean, hardware-free look to your home or office space.

The research team at Element Designs works tirelessly to discover the best in design trends and technology from European and US manufacturers. We then offer our clients premier products of exceptional quality with competitive pricing for top tier materials. As the largest American-based manufacturer of aluminum and glass architectural casework components, Element Designs leverages our extensive network of domestic suppliers and distribution resources to bring you exceptional products like PARAPAN fabricated doors and vertical surfaces. As always, our quick delivery comes with customer service and support that are best in class.  Visit us at and let our experts help you select the ideal product for your project!


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