Rose Quartz to Poised Taupe: Color Trends in Design

Rose Quartz to Poised Taupe: Color Trends in Design 1

Homeowners are typically color-shy or color-crazy. Color has a tremendous impact on design and thoughtful use of it can transform a room and the people in it. More than just design implications, color can have a psychological impact, affecting the mood of its occupants. From vibrant colors to neutral tones, each room of the home can take on a different personality. Color choices are influenced by more than just an individual’s preferences, they are also often inspired by trends within the design communities and colors of the year identified by leading companies.

This year saw Rose Quartz and Serenity, Alabaster and Simply White as colors of the year. All white and pale shades, these colors leaned towards the preference of more color-shy individuals. They brighten rooms and provide the perfect backdrop for more dramatic accents within a room. They are classic colors that will not lead to any next day choice questioning of choices.

As we look towards the new year and the 2017 colors of the year, the colors themselves provide drama. Sherwin Williams has chosen Poised Taupe, a deep grey brown blend. While Benjamin Moore has selected Shadow, a rich and royal fusion of purple and grey. While these colors would not be defined as crazy, they are bold statement making hues. These prominent colors can bring a space to life with their depth.

With any room it is important to focus on an entire palette of complimenting colors. Bold and neutral tones work well together, as do varying shades of the same color. It is important to remember that color is not just relegated to paint, but can also be beautifully incorporated into cabinets, backsplashes, fixtures, flooring and furnishings. Color trends can be integrated in many ways, but ultimately color selection comes down to what the homeowner feels comfortable with.

Check out these boards and the slideshow below for some inspiration.

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