Thanks and Thanksgiving at Element Designs

Thanks and Thanksgiving at Element Designs 1

Historically, Thanksgiving began as a day celebrating and giving thanks for the harvest. It has since evolved into a celebration of thanks for so much in our lives. Family and friends, careers and homes, and even the seemingly simple elements in our life. We at Element Designs are so thankful for our incredible employees and the difference they make in our business. team-2Their creativity, passion and dedication has made us what we are today.

I am thankful that Element Designs kno
ws the ingredients that make a great leadership team. – Steve

 I am most thankful for the many opportunities that I have explored here at Element. It is great to have a company that recognizes your abilities and allows you to put them to use. – Kenja

 I am thankful for a job that gives me the ability to be creative. – Scottteam-1

 I am most thankful for being part of a company that really cares about their employees and that takes the time to show it. – Gary

 I am thankful for that I can contribute to this growing family, I love my job and I am thankful for all Element Designs provides. – Patty

 I am thankful for being apart of the team at Element Designs where we are family working and growing together. – Helestine

We are lucky that our team is equally thankful to be a part of our growing family at Element Designs. Our History is still in the making and we are excited for the future. From all of us at Element Designs, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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