Vancouver At the Forefront Of Modern Design

Vancouver At the Forefront Of Modern Design 3

Disruption and Resilience. These are the concepts driving design conversations in 2018. And they were the buzzwords during the 29th annual BUILDEX Vancouver Show held last month in its namesake city. Each year, the event welcomes a diversity of global industry leadership and provides multiple platforms for discussion of the topics most crucial in the design world.

Cabinetry by Irpinia

Cabinetry by Irpinia, courtesy of V6B Design Group

Vancouver has a strong history of design innovation with emerging trends that often lead the way in defining and shaping the hivemind of the build and design tribe. Perhaps that’s why BUILDEX 2018 featured forward-thinking speakers who sparked passionate discussions on issues such as pushing parameters, experiential design, and meaningful connections between the built environment and society. Vancouver is shaking things up in 2018, and Disruption and Resilience show up repeatedly in the city’s current trends.

According to Engle and Völkers, a highly regarded real estate firm in Vancouver, the most influential factors in shaping the future of architecture are sustainability, space maximization, and connectivity. In response to global warming and exponential population growth, green architecture is winning out over the more traditional lavish concepts. Vertical architecture coupled with vertical agriculture means both buildings and crops are growing up instead of out, preserving and maximizing space at the same time. And of course, connectivity is already having a huge impact on the construction of the spaces we use most. Future structures, by EV standards, will offer resilience in the wake of a threatened earth.

Vancouver At the Forefront Of Modern Design 4

Courtesy of V6B Design Group

Eco-friendliness, however, isn’t just for the external edifice. It plays a role in the city’s modern interior design concepts as well. For example, incorporating vintage and recycled items in a room reduces environmental impact. And the invoked nostalgia is comforting in a speed-of-light culture. Another indoor favorite is texture-blending. Matchy-match is out, and a personalized collective look has taken its place. This multi-sensory wonderland allows homeowners to feel with their eyes; texture creates depth and vitalizes a flat space. Its integration with smooth surfaces turn a room into a truly disruptive experience.

And finally, as explained in a recent edition of Vancouver magazine, the modern color palette trending in Western Canada is synchronous with the culture’s reaction to and against technology, with a renewed emphasis on globalism as related to connectivity, simplicity in opposition to the chaos of social media, and a bold and bright geometric nod to high-tech. Clearly the inspired dialogue characteristic of BUILDEX 2018 is a reflection of what is happening in the cherished spaces of Vancouver, a city with its finger on the pulse of the design energy stream. Many of these trends dominate now in the states as well, but their buzz rose up in Canada before spreading south. So, next time you are curious about what is up-and-coming in the design and build arena, explore Vancouver, the city where resilience and disruption reign supreme.

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