VIDEO: Design Trends to Watch for in 2018

VIDEO: Design Trends to Watch for in 2018 1

KBIS 2018 is behind us and the primary trends brought into focus throughout the industry are quickly spreading. The line between work and leisure is rapidly blurring as spaces are being created to emphasize experience. These “hybrid” spaces provide both the comfort of a living room and the professional tone of an office space, and they are making materials like aluminum and acrylic more popular than ever.

A major focus in 2017 was “going green,” and 2018 will, if anything, embrace green initiatives even more. People are growing more and more conscious of the impact of their living, and therefore seek to practice sustainability in their design choices. Using sustainable materials and supporting businesses that do the same are an increasing priority. Materials like recyclable glass and aluminum are key to keeping up with this growing trend.[1]

Minimalist colors and sleek finishes are taking over restaurants, lobbies, and residential interiors, with a focus on keeping palettes simple and accents sharp.[2] Color is being added with unique patterns in backsplashes, walls, floors and countertops, blurring the lines between modern, traditional and contemporary.

Watch below for more on 2018 trends and visit us to incorporate them into your projects this year!



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