Virtual Showrooms and Interior Design

Virtual Showrooms and Interior Design 1

The world of interior design is ever-evolving, and with constant technology shifts, today’s design techniques are unlike anything we could have imagined twenty years ago. And the latest trends are making a huge impact: virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Each of these technologies brings something unique to the process, but all of them work to ameliorate difficulties that have plagued the business — specifically, disappointment due to a discrepancy between expectation and reality.

Visualization software is changing how design professionals work. In the past, two-dimensional drawings and conversation were the main tools utilized to envision a client’s space. Such sketches cannot fully represent the 3-D reality in which we live, and communication is rife with risks for error. Now, with virtual showrooms, the design specialist and client can “visit” spaces via virtual reality, augmented catalogs, and mixed reality approaches and help the customer choose in a more informed manner.

In the virtual showroom, the consumer can view a rendered space where they can get a sense of colors, dimensions, and products before making decisions. Similarly, with augmented reality, a shopper can use their phone in conjunction with a catalog or brochure within a space and produce a visual allowing them to gauge product, material and color combinations. In mixed reality, a device allows users to combine physical and virtual elements realistically and seamlessly without the use of any printed materials. The user can make parts of their world interact virtually to get an even more realistic sense of the new designs.

Popular solutions like 2020 Design provide great tools for incorporating visualization into showrooms and showcasing products. VR based programs can be used to put clients in physical space to make design decisions. However, this technology is also showing up in virtual showrooms with 3D renderings utilizing CAD software. Manufacturers, designers and retailers can give their clients a highly interactive and realistic experience while assuaging their concerns.

Element Designs is driven by innovation and stays abreast of the evolution of industry principals and practices. With custom solutions to every client’s unique needs, we aspire to the highest goals of complete satisfaction with a quality product. Check out Element Designs virtual showroom today.

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