Backpainted glass has numerous qualities that make it an excellent material for a variety of interior applications where beauty and functionality are critical. Glass is a durable material which can be fabricated to fit in almost any space, from backsplashes and tabletops to door inserts and even flooring applications. Element Designs’ state-of-the-art processing and customization capabilities allow for the fabrication necessary for custom projects of any size in both commercial and residential applications.

Add custom color capabilities to the equation and you have a world of possibilities. Element Designs’ Backpainted glass is available in a variety of standard colors, 177 non-standard colors and complete custom color matching for the perfect addition to interior spaces. Backpainted glass is also available in standard gloss or a matte, or satin etched finish, to add texture to specific applications.

There are no minimum order quantities, meaning no matter what size project comes along, Element Designs has a solution. Visit us at to find our nearest distributor or to talk to one of our representatives about how we can help your business.