Xu hướng tủ bếp 2020 cần để mắt

Xu hướng tủ bếp 2020 cần để mắt 1

Over the past decade, white hues have dominated kitchen design. However, a new year and a new decade bring about new trends in home design.

Stephanie Pierce, Director of Design and Trends at Evolving the White Kitchen Design Trend

There are many reasons white has been a staple in kitchen design trends for the past decade. White is a neutral color, which creates a clean, crisp base designers and consumers can build on. Easily paired with other hues and a variety of materials, white offers the rare jewel of true versatility to kitchen cabinets, walls and more.

As Pierce notes, however, designers “are pretty well worn out” of integrating white into kitchen design in new, fresh ways. As a result, the white base trend is evolving to include different shades of white, especially warmer tones. Texture also plays a role in the evolution of the white trend, as designers are incorporating effects like brush strokes and translucence.

The Role of Mixed Media

Complementing the evolution of white kitchen designs, a new trend of mixed media is also emerging this year. Designers are practicing a “multitude of mixing finishes,” Pierce points out, highlighting this trend as a “great opportunity to mix metal finishes in.”

The integration of multiple finishes in kitchen cabinets and other kitchen elements creates opportunities for designers to play with varying depths, textures and colors in order to create to most customized and personalized designs. As design becomes more open to interpretation, the industry and its evolution is more exciting.

Personalization Meets Sophistication

Metallic finishes are another one of the top kitchen cabinet trends in 2020. Typically integrated as a form of mixed media, metal fits smoothly into designs that also feature white or black palette trends.

Pierce highlights metal finishes as bringing a “unique level of luster and sheen” to kitchens, elevating the sophistication of design. This trend fits into broader kitchen trends naturally, as design is “already integrating metal through appliances, plumbing, fixtures, etc.” As a result, most kitchens already have an established base for incorporating metal.

Non-Aesthetic Kitchen Trends

Other factors influencing what is popular both in the design world and for educated consumers incorporating design trends into their own spaces get beyond aesthetics. For example, Pierce says environmentally conscious and sustainable materials are also a trend, in addition to the longevity of products and finishes.

However, the predominant factor driving kitchen design trends is aesthetics, Pierce said. Element-Designs” finish visualizer> to picture these aesthetic trends in practice.

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